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The Laboratory of Polymer Reaction Engineering (LPRE) was established in 1985 and it is part of the Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute (CPERI), one of the institutes of Centre for Research and Technology - Hellas (CERTH). The main mission of LPRE is to carry out innovative, collaborative research with an emphasis on advanced multi-scale modeling of chemical and biological systems, functional materials, novel micro- and nano-encapsulation technologies, nanotechnology applications in targeted delivery systems, as well as, microbial production of functional biopolymers from renewable sources, the design and application of 2nd and 3rd generation biorefineries and the bioconversion of several types of biomass (lignocellulosic, microalgal, wastes and residues, etc.,) into high value bioproducts.


Costas Kiparissides (Project Coordinator)

Professor Emeritus at the School of Chemical Engineering of Auth,


[email protected]


Giannis Penloglou

Chemical Engineer, PhD

[email protected] 


Olympia Kotrotsiou

Chemical Engineer, PhD

[email protected]


Alexandros Pavlou

Chemical Engineer, PhD

[email protected]


Veroniki Bakola

Chemical Engineer

Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies, MSc

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The Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences (ICE-HT) was founded in Patras in 1984 and started its operation as an Independent Academic Institute. In 1987, it was one of the founding Institutes of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH). The ICE-HT laboratory involved in the implementation of the project is the Laboratory of Applied Molecular Spectroscopy (LAMS).  LAMS team is mainly involved in the study and characterization of composite materials, including various encapsulations in polymeric matrices; it has extensive experience in the production of such films by means of film casting, melt blending, phase inversion, etc.


Giorgos Vogiatzis

Researcher A', Research Director (LAMS)

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The Laboratories of Food Engineering, Processing and Preservation of Agricultural Products (LFE), Food Microbiology and Biotechnology (LFMB) and Food Chemistry and Analysis (LFCA) of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition (DFSHN) of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), are fully equipped and have the necessary infrastructures to support research programs. Their research teams consist of 7 postdoctoral researchers, 11 PhD candidates and 10 postgraduate students working on research objects such as: the use of renewable raw materials (e.g., food industry wastes) to develop biofuel production plants, industrial biotechnology, development of bioprocesses and biorefineries using appropriate software, and techno-economic assessment and life-cycle analysis (LCA).


Apostolos Koutinas

Associate Professor, Research Director

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The Laboratory of Agriculture and Applied Plant Physiology offers research and training at undergraduate level in the subjects of Cultivation Technique, Applied Plant Physiology, Agricultural Experimentation, Aromatic - Medicinal Plants while in 1996 plays a leading part in the research and education around cultivations for biomass and bioenergy production. Many research and educational activities of the Laboratory are carried out at the Farm of the University of Thessaly, in Palamas, Karditsa, where the basic equipment is available, or at other collaborating Institutions within Greece (ETHIAGE, AUA, AUTh, CRES, etc.) and outside Greece (Agricultural University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, etc.)


Nikolaos Danalatos

Professor at UTH


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CHIMAR provides state-of-the-art binder technology to wood-based panel industries in any part of the world. Its strength lies in its services and technologies and particularly in its employees. CHIMAR remains responsible for health, safety and environmental protection.

CHIMAR aims to continue leading wood binder technology by developing and supplying tailor-made solutions, which create added value for its customers and help them grow sustainably.


Eleftheria Athanassiadou

R&D Support Manager, IP Protection Manager

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API Europe

API Europe is a Single Member Limited Liability Company of Research and Experimental Studies in Biotechnology. It has the background experience and knowledge of both American Process Greece and American Process (USA). API has over twenty years of project success in the forest products industry. API integrated development team is comprised of experts spanning the entire project life-cycle from laboratory research and detailed engineering to project execution and operations. API provides a full range of engineering services including feasibility studies, technical audits, due diligence, project management, detailed engineering, turnkey design and construction, and operations and maintenance services.


Theodora Retsina

PhD, CEO of the company

[email protected]


Stamatina Sideri

Contact Person of the company

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