Work Packages


In summary, the most important research results of the project will be:

  • Targeted cultivation, recovery and processing of different types of biomass and conversion to various types of nanocellulose, following the concept of bio-refinery: the cellulose fraction will be converted to MFC, CNF and NCC, whereas that of hemicellulose to BNC.
  • Intensification of chemical, mechanical and biological (through innovative bioreactors) processes for the production of different types of nanocellulose. Further exploitation of the produced nanocellulose for the preparation of high performance nanocomposites.
  • Full characterization and evaluation of the properties of the nanocellulose samples and final nanocomposite products, based on the specifications of the selected applications.
  • Design and optimization of new value chains capable of delivering multiple products at competitive cost and significant environmental benefits.
  • Development of an integrated sustainability analysis software, including environmental measurements and technical / economic criteria, for the strategic planning of nanocellulose production technology and the adaptation to market fluctuations and environmental legislation.
  • Continuous and extensive exchange of knowledge and know-how among project partners.

Work Packages - 50BED21C.

The milestones of the project include the synthesis of sufficient amount of nanocellulose for its full characterization and their utilization for the development of nanocomposite materials applied in (brown) paper packaging, food packaging, adhesives, wood coatings.


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